Install QA Tools

QA Tools Wiki Page

  1. Get repo : I suggest to install qa-tools-workstation directly.

wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/qa-tools.repo

  1. Install related packages
$ yum install -y qa-tools-workstation python-bugzilla python-nitrate

##TCMS-Submit Usage

  1. All filed Trancer
  • Summary
  • Script
  • Automated
  • Related bugs (from testinfo or beaker task, RHTSdone and external tracker)
  • Status confirmed
  • Priority
  • Default tester
  • Estimated time
  • Components
  1. Create test case $

  2. Update Test Case

$ tcms-submit --case=241791 --update --coverage --beaker /kernel/networking/Regression/Fujitsu-bz853344

  1. Other Option

  2. –phases : consider each test phase(Use [BeakerLib][]) as a separate test case

  3. –bug


  1. submit a single test case

$ bkr workflow-tomorrow --whiteboard="sctp/lksctp-tools test on RHEL6.4" --distro=RHEL6.4-20130130.0 --arch=x86_64 --case=129395 --reserve-if-fail --pretty-xml --dry-run

  1. submit a multihost test case

bkr workflow-tomorrow --case 129395 --edit --distro RHEL6.4-20130130.0 --server-arch x86_64 --client-arch i386 --reserve-if-fail Note : You must have a multihost type key word in Makefile @echo "Type: Multihost" >> $(METADATA)

  1. submit a TCMS run

bkr workflow-tomorrow --edit --reserve-if-fail --run 57722 --dry-run

  1. submit a job and insert a temp task

bkr workflow-tomorrow --reserve-if-fail --run 57988 --single --init-task 'CMDS_TO_RUN="systemctl stop firewalld.service;yum install -y net-tools tcpdump ethtool iproute nmap-ncat" /distribution/command' --edit