1. we need to use iproute-2.6.32-23.el6ost.netns.2.x86_64.rpm version for OVS
  2. we need to use libvirt-0.10.2-23.el6 incase permission denaied
  3. we need to use openstack kernel like 2.6.32-358.118.1.openstack.el6 for kernel support

$ cat OpenStack-Grizzly.repo [OpenStack-Grizzly-Puddle] name=OpenStack-Grizzly-Puddle baseurl= gpgcheck=0 enabled=1

[OpenStack-Grizzly-Puddle-debug] name=OpenStack-Grizzly-Puddle Debuginfo baseurl=$basearch/debuginfo gpgcheck=0 enabled=0

[OpenStack-Grizzly-Puddle-sources] name=OpenStack-Grizzly-Puddle Sources baseurl= gpgcheck=0 enabled=0

Part of answer file

Type of network to allocate for tenant networks (eg. vlan, local,

gre, vxlan)


A comma separated list of VLAN ranges for the Neutron openvswitch

plugin (eg. physnet1:1:4094,physnet2,physnet3:3000:3999)

CONFIG_NEUTRON_OVS_VLAN_RANGES=physnet1, physnet2:1:4094

A comma separated list of bridge mappings for the Neutron

openvswitch plugin (eg. physnet1:br-eth1,physnet2:br-eth2,physnet3



A comma separated list of colon-separated OVS bridge:interface

pairs. The interface will be added to the associated bridge.


neutron OVS plugin config

[OVS] vxlan_udp_port=4789 network_vlan_ranges=physnet1,physnet2:1:4094 tenant_network_type=vlan enable_tunneling=False integration_bridge=br-int bridge_mappings=physnet1:br-ex


PASSWD=${PASS:-redhat} TOKEN=${TOKEN:-redhat} packstack –gen-answer-file=packstack.cfg if [ -z “$RANDOM_PASS” ];then sed -i s/PW=./PW=$PASSWD/ packstack.cfg sed -i s/ADMIN_TOKEN=./ADMIN_TOKEN=$TOKEN/ packstack.cfg fi

we use quantum ovs by default

so we neednt care about NOVA_NETWORK_PUBIF and NOVA_NETWORK_PRIVIF

sed -i s/NOVA_NETWORK_HOST=.*/NOVA_NETWORK_HOST=/ packstack.cfg

enable all in one ovs bridge if we are in STANDALONE mode

or set the client IP address, only support two compute at present

if [ -z “$SERVERS” -o -z “$CLIENTS” ];then sed -i s/ALL_IN_ONE_OVS_BRIDGE=n/ALL_IN_ONE_OVS_BRIDGE=y/ packstack.cfg else sed -i s/COMPUTE_HOSTS=.*/&,dig $CLIENTS +short/ packstack.cfg fi

Use ovs vlan type by default

sed -i s/OVS_TENANT_NETWORK_TYPE=./OVS_TENANT_NETWORK_TYPE=vlan/ packstack.cfg sed -i s/OVS_VLAN_RANGES=./OVS_VLAN_RANGES=physnet1:1:100/ packstack.cfg sed -i s/OVS_BRIDGE_MAPPINGS=.*/OVS_BRIDGE_MAPPINGS=physnet1:br-link1/ packstack.cfg

will set the bridge iface after install

#sed -i s/OVS_BRIDGE_IFACES=.*/OVS_BRIDGE_IFACES=br-link1:eth1/ packstack.cfg

packstack –answer-file=packstack.cfg

Add port

add_port() { local bridge=$1 local interface=$2 ip addr flush $interface ovs-vsctl add-port $bridge $interface ip link set $interface up ip link set $bridge up pkill dhclient; sleep 3 dhclient $bridge }

add port to bridge

add_port br-ex $CUR_IFACE add_port br-link1 $SEC_IFACE ip link set br-int up

start config

config quantum/plugin.ini after install

sed -i s/^network_vlan_ranges=./&,external/ /etc/quantum/plugin.ini sed -i s/^bridge_mappings=./&,external:br-ex/ /etc/quantum/plugin.ini

service quantum-openvswitch-agent restart service quantum-server restart

source ~/keystonerc_admin

#virt-sysprep –add /tmp/images/$image_file glance image-create –name RHEL6.4 –is-public true –disk-format qcow2 –container-format bare –file /tmp/images/$image_file image_id=glance image-list | awk '/RHEL6.4/ {print $2}'

before create net/subnet/router, you can delete the default on from Web UI

create net and subnet

#quantum net-create Network_Vlan_10 –provider:network_type vlan –provider:physical_network physnet1 –provider:segmentation_id 10 –shared neutron net-create Vlan_10 –provider:network_type vlan –provider:physical_network physnet2 –provider:segmentation_id 10 –shared quantum subnet-create –gateway –allocation-pool start=,end= Network_Vlan_10 vlan_net_id=nova net-list | awk '/Network_Vlan_10/ {print $2}' vlan_subnet_id=quantum subnet-list | awk '/ {print $2}'

#quantum net-create Beaker_Network –provider:network_type flat –provider:physical_network external –router:external True –shared neutron net-create Public –provider:network_type flat –provider:physical_network physnet1 –router:external True –shared quantum subnet-create Beaker_Network –allocation-pool start=,end=
–gateway –dns_nameservers list=true beaker_net_id=nova net-list | awk '/Beaker_Network/ {print $2}'

create and config router

quantum router-create router router_id=quantum router-list | awk '/router/ {print $2}' quantum router-interface-add router $vlan_subnet_id quantum router-gateway-set router Beaker_Network

if [ “$FLOATINGIP” ];then devide_id=nova list quantum port-show $device_id prot_id=quantum port-list --device_id $device_id quantum floatingip-create Ex_Network quantum floatingip-associate $floating_ip_id $port_id fi

security gourp config

nova secgroup-add-rule default icmp -1 -1

wait for network sync, or nova boot may fail

sleep 30 nova keypair-add –pub-key ~/.ssh/ network-qe

if [ -z “$SERVERS” -o -z “$CLIENTS” ];then nova boot –flavor 1 –key_name network-qe –image $image_id Test_1 –nic net-id=$vlan_net_id nova boot –flavor 1 –key_name network-qe –image $image_id Test_2 –nic net-id=$beaker_net_id else nova boot –flavor 1 –key_name network-qe –availability-zone nova:$SERVERS –image $image_id Test_1 –nic net-id=$vlan_net_id nova boot –flavor 1 –key_name network-qe –availability-zone nova:$CLIENTS –image $image_id Test_2 –nic net-id=$vlan_net_id fi


After install:

  1. ovs-vsctl add-port br-ex eth0
  2. glance image-create –name RHEL6.4 –is-public true –disk-format qcow2 –container-format bare –file /tmp/images/$image_file
  3. nova keypair-add –pub-key ~/.ssh/ network-qe

####### remove $ cat #!/bin/bash

Warning! Dangerous step! Destroys VMs

for x in $(virsh list –all | grep instance- | awk ‘{print $2}') ; do virsh destroy $x ; virsh undefine $x ; done ;

Warning! Dangerous step! Removes lots of packages

yum remove -y nrpe “nagios” puppet “ntp” “openstack
nova” “keystone” “glance” “cinder” “swift
mysql mysql-server httpd “memcache” scsi-target-utils
iscsi-initiator-utils perl-DBI perl-DBD-MySQL ;

Warning! Dangerous step! Deletes local application data

rm -rf /etc/nagios /etc/yum.repos.d/packstack_* /root/.my.cnf
/var/lib/mysql/ /var/lib/glance /var/lib/nova /etc/nova /etc/swift
/srv/node/device*/* /var/lib/cinder/ /etc/rsync.d/frag*
/var/cache/swift /var/log/keystone /var/log/cinder/ /var/log/nova/
/var/log/httpd /var/log/glance/ /var/log/nagios/ /var/log/quantum/ ;

umount /srv/node/device* ; killall -9 dnsmasq tgtd httpd ;

vgremove -f cinder-volumes ; losetup -a | sed -e ’s/:.//g’ | xargs losetup -d ; find /etc/pki/tls -name “ssl_ps” | xargs rm -rf ; for x in $(df | grep “/lib/” | sed -e ’s/.* //g’) ; do umount $x ; done

#ovs-vsctl del-port br-link1 eth0 #ovs-vsctl del-br br-ex ovs-vsctl del-br br-int ovs-vsctl del-br br-link1 ip link delete dev int-br-link1

yum install -y openstack-packstack kernel-kernel-networking-openstack