1. Local

  2. Vlan

  3. Vlan Compute node vlan_compute 1. qbrXXX: linux bridge, q-quantum, br-bridge 1. qvbXXX/qvoXXX: a veth pair devices, connect bridge and OVS q-quantum, v-veth, b-bridge, o-open vswitch 1. int-br-eth1 and phy-br-eth1 a veth pair devices, connect br-int and br-eth1

  4. Vlan network node vlan_network 1. qr-YYY and qg-VVV: q-quantum, r-router, g-gateway qr-YYY have a internal ip, and qg-VVV have an external ip, and they are connected by iptables NAT rules. 1. phy-br-ex and int-br-ex All packets must go through a physnet, even though qr and qg have nat, they still need to connected by a veth pair.

OpenStack Networking (“Neutron”)

OpenStack Networking Overview

OpenStack Networking Architecture

Example network diagram

OpenStack Networking Plug-ins

  • Open vSwitch (openstack-neutron-openvswitch)
  • Linux Bridge (openstack-neutron-linuxbridge)
  • Cisco (openstack-neutron-cisco)
  • NEC OpenFlow (openstack-neutron-nec)
  • VMware (openstack-neutron-vmware)
  • Ryu (openstack-neutron-ryu)

Modular Layer 2 (ML2) Overview

  • The requirement behind ML2
  • ML2 network types
    • flat
    • GRE
    • local
    • VLAN
    • VXLAN
  • ML2 Mechanisms
    • Arista
    • Cisco
    • Nexus
    • Hyper-V Agent
    • L2 Population
    • Linuxbridge Agent
    • Open vSwitch Agent
    • Tail-f NCS


Neutron Administrator Guide



openstack 网络架构

RedHat Doc

OVS scenario

Install Guide