Step 1: download Linux x64 RPM in

Step 2: open terminal and type the following su - cd /home/username/Downloads (replace username with yours) rpm -ivh jre-7u11-linux-x64.rpm you will see some few errors but its ok

Step 3:

updatedb locate copy the path of the file

Step 4a: (Firefox Users) cd /home/user/.mozilla/plugins (replace user with your username) ln -s path/of/

Step 4b: (Chrome Users) cd /opt/google/chrome/ mkdir plugins cd plugins ln -s path/of/

Step 5: close and run your browser. visit other java websites to check your java installation.

Bonus: To open the java console, open a terminal (non-root account) then type cd /usr/java/jre1.7.0_04/bin/ . ControlPanel